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this is an image post based community to share and view, post and comment on other peoples works. this includes inane drawings, bored at work scribblings, trashy art, phone doodles, unloved works and would be masterpieces left unfinished. nothing is irrelevant and all is accepted as long as you stick to the rules.

not many, but important ones nonetheless:

- all images have to be your own, as in: you didn’t make it? then don’t post it

- if it’s a large image or content is questionable, please put it behind a cut

- your problems are not of interest here, no rants will be tolerated

- if there are any issues with a particular post, please email me with the problem

- no spamming or advertising other communities, it will just be deleted

- yes, an image post community, but it's not a ratings community, don’t treat it like one